Lock Cylinder Rekey & Repair Near Fort Lauderdale

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Lock Rekey and Repair Service  Fort Lauderdale Florida

Professional lock rekey and lock repair services in the Fort Lauderdale area.
Moving into a new home or business?
You should always have your lock checked and keys changed.
Rekey a lock do not change the whole lock.
It saves you money and is just as secure.
We can key all of your lock cylinders alike or different.
We are masters of lock repair service, let us check your security.


Always have your locks changed and rekeyed by Fort Lauderdale locksmiths.
Make sure all of your knob and deadbolts are working properly.
A lock that is not working is a lock that is not locked.
Our lock technicians can key all locks to work off of 1 key.
Commercial properties master key systems with a grand master key.
Card key systems with access control serviced and repaired.
Proximity card key systems repaired and installed.
Most brand name locks we stock repair parts, otherwise we will replace the lock.

Lock rekey change Fort Lauderdale Locks repaired & rekeyed around Fort Lauderdale

Deadbolt Lock Rekey & Repair

Our technicians will install a new deadbolt lock or replace the existing lock.
Every exterior door should have a quality deadbolt lock with one inch bolt into the frame.
When moving into a new residence or business, have the locks rekeyed.
Locks changed and rekeyed for piece of mind & to keep the unwanted out.
We can rekey all the locks to the same key if you prefer.
We also offer master keying systems designed to your needs for commercial applications mainly.

Keys Locked In The Car

If you lock the keys in the car we will be there in a few minutes.
Car and truck lockout services.
We also unlock & open houses, businesses and apartment door locks.
We have special tools designed to unlock and open your car door.
Do not try to use a hanger or any other thing in your door.
Newer cars have wiring and electric devices that could get broken if not done properly.
We offer 24 hour emergency lock out service.

Auto Car & Truck Key Replacement

Transponder key replacements on the spot.
Our emergency roadside service will come to you wherever you may be.
Car & truck key replacement service, original keys made to your vehicle.
We can also rekey & change your car or truck key.
Stolen keys could lead to vehicle theft.
If a unauthorized person has your key, get it changed.
Push to start key replacement and remote keys made.

Locks Changed And Installed

If you have old out dated locks, have them changed.
Always change to new locks & keys when moving to a new place.
We are masters of new lock installation for all locking devices.
Panic bars, alarm locks, deadbolts and knob lock changes and new installations.
Service since 1978, we can change any lock that you have or retrofit a new one.

Mailbox Lock Opened & Key Replacement

USPS postal mailbox lock & key replacement service.
We open and change your old lock with new and 2 new keys.
Authorized post office mailbox lock replaced.
Mailman will not deliver mail to a unsecured mailbox that takes a lock & key.

Medeco High Security Deadbolt Lock

Medeco³  deadbolt locks are a very good choice for security.
Key control and pick proof lock cylinders.
Drill proof and hammer proof residential and commercial locks.
Repair and rekey service available. We carry all parts for medeco locks and cylinders.
New lock installations of single and double cylinder deadbolt locks.
For storefront doors we use a mortise type of cylinder.
We are a authorized Medeco lock service and repair locksmith technician.


Find A Locksmith Near Me

When using smartphone say, "Find a locksmith near me" and your search
provider will find the closest locksmiths to you.
Make sure you have your GPS turned on.
Or you could do a search using your current zip code.
Some people will say "Find a locksmith close to me" also.
But the most popular search results come back as Locksmith & the city.


Commercial & Industrial Lock & Key

Industrial, factory, prison locks and locking device repair and installation.
I you need it locked, call the professionals.
We have been in the lock, key and security business since 1978.
Commercial locks, electric strikes, magnet locks and keypads.
We are the access control specialists of Broward County Florida.
Safe combinations changed and retrieved.
Safes opened & repaired. Filing cabinet locks.
Push button and crash bar locks repaird & replaced.

Detex Alarm Lock Installation, Repair & Replacement

Best type of pilferage stopping is the Detex Alarm lock.
Installations and repair on any type of door or exit.
Only the manager or authorized person can open without the alarm triggering.
Parts available for repairs. Check yours every 6 months.
Do not let your profits go out the back door.
Get your alarm locks from our locksmith technicians, ask them.

24 Hour Emergency Locksmith Lock & Key Service

Any time & anywhere, we come to you for your lock or key emergency.
Our 24 hour emergency locksmiths are always available at anytime of night or day.
If you are locked out or in and need immediate service, we can help.
We have locks break & people will get locked in a bathroom or a bedroom.
We can change your locks and keys so only you have a key, no one else.
Additional lock installed at anytime.
Burglary and robbery locksmith services anytime.
Car lockout & house lockout service, when locked out - call us.
Car key replacement and ignition repair & replacement service.

Find A Locksmith Close To Me

Internet search term "Find a locksmith close to me" will get the local business results.
There a a few different search terms to find the closest to you.
Some use the term -find a locksmith "near" me.
Or you could use you zip code will give you local results.
The most searched term in always the trade locksmith.
Then usually followed by the city or zip code for local results.

Car & Truck Key Replacement

Lost or stolen car & truck replacement keys made on the spot while you wait.
We can make & replace your vehicle key and program the transponder.
Push to start keys, transponder, chip keys and lazer keys remanufactured.
Remote keys made and programmed to your cars security system.
We make motorcycle & moped or scooter key replacements.
Broken car key repair and replacement service.
Do not buy your remote or chip key from Ebay or Amazon.
Only use original security keys and chips for your car or truck.
A lot of them are Chinese and very faulty.

Sliding Patio Door Lock

Sliding glass door or patio door lock repair & replacement service.
Always have a additional lock installed on any patio sliding door.
The crooks know it is the easiest way in your residence.
Make sure you get a good professional lock, not make believe security.
You want piece of mind and not have to worry if it is going to work or not.
The old broomstick days are over, they know how to beat that old trick.
We alway suggest a keyed lock up high for extra security.
We also can put the same type of locks on sliding windows in a kitchen I have seen.


Deadbolt locks installed and repaired.
Locks re keyed and master keyed.
Patio door locks serviced and installed.
Car keys replaced and programmed.
Replacement car keys made on the spot.

For professional lock rekey service in Fort Lauderdale, call
Chuck The Locksmith.

Call your local Locksmith in Fort Lauderdale today.

We are your locksmith service company in Broward County Florida.

Fort Lauderdale Rekey Service 24 hours a day.

Yacht lock rekey and boat lock keys replaced.
Motorcycle keys replaced on the spot.
Scooter key replacement service.
For all replacement keys in Fort Lauderdale, call us.

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We can rekey and service your locks.
All of Broward County Florida.
Complete lock and re key service, every day.
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